Travel tips

Whoever is going on a trip should think carefully beforehand about everything that needs to be organized and taken into account - and plan accordingly. Good organization before the start of the trip can save you the entire holiday, because well planned it simply recovers better. Guests should inform themselves well about the destination of their choice and pay attention to the country-specific conditions and entry regulations. Your own health requires special attention, so make sure you have health insurance cover abroad and take along a first-aid kit tailored to your holiday destination. To make sure you don't forget anything important, we have put together useful information, travel tips and checklists for you that will make planning easier - so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying!

Travel health
One wants to fully enjoy the long-awaited holidays and under no circumstances spend them in bed sick. Therefore we have put together some important tips for you.
We would like to support you in the best possible way to start your holidays well prepared and relaxed: With our checklists you will keep the overview!