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If you think a holiday rental’s only purpose is the accommodation in a foreign region, the rentals of the Foundation Vacations in Architectural Patrimony will proof you wrong. These holiday rentals will be booked for their own sake. Architectural landmarks from different epochs and swiss regions have been carefully renovated and made ready for your vacation. The renovators made sure to preserve as much as possible of the original matter and substance in order to maintain as much as possible of the building’s history within its walls. Yet, you will still find some modern amenities in the house. Not only will you rent a truly unique holiday home, but you also will contribute to the funds needed to preserve the building. Read the building’s history and stories from its walls, muse on how people used to live and work within your temporary home, or just marvel at the beauty and the authenticity of the room you find yourself in. </p>

Important information: The holiday rentals to be rented have been laboriously renovated. The lessee is fully aware of this fact and treats the holiday rental accordingly with adequate care. Even though modern amenities can be found in the holiday rental, some functional details do not correspond with contemporary norms and standards and might be a potential source of danger. These circumstances are known to the lessee. The owner, e-domizil and the Foundation Vacations in Architectural Patrimony thereof disclaim all liabilities.

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