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Do you need a new kind of recovery? Make an exceptional experience far away from your daily routine and spend a completely relaxing stay in an alpine hut in the middle of the nature and mountain scenery in Switzerland. There you can enjoy the clear and pure air, which has a calming and liberating effect.

We offer various historical alpine huts in a remote area in the alps with a fantastic view and far from civilization. Many of the cottages have been authentically and modernly restored and have electricity and water. Some of them you can also heat the wood stove yourself.

Even on an alpine hut it is not boring, in the middle of the nature you can go hiking or mountain biking in the summer, in winter it is perfect for ski tours or snowshoeing. If you are lucky, you can also watch wild animals. You can experience all that right in front of your holiday house!

Did you know that in the past the mountain pasture huts (also called mayens) were located below the tree line, between the valley and the alp (from about 1000-1600meter above sea level). The alpine huts were located in the higher altitudes of the Alps, mostly above the tree line.

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