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Do you need a new kind of relaxation? Escape from everyday life and slow down in an alpine hut or maiensäss in the imposing Swiss mountains. Enjoy pure air and merge with the idyllic nature. Choose the hut that best suits your needs. A vacation without cell phone reception? Do you want to heat yourself? Or do you prefer to enjoy the standard of today? We certainly have the right object for your relaxing vacations.

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Paradise cottage holidays

Fancy a trip back in time? In historic, rustic huts with a dreamlike view far away from civilization you can still heat with wood yourself. Some alpine huts and Maiensässe also have no cell phone reception. The motto is: put everyday life aside and enjoy your vacation. The water is fetched at the well by yourself. This makes the leap back into the past perfect.

Besides the rustic alpine huts, we also have those with all modern household standards. For many of the huts have been restored authentic and modern. A good kitchen, electricity, internet and running water are part of it. Nevertheless, the vacation home does not lose its charm.

Coziness without boredom

Even at an alpine hut you will not be bored. In the middle of nature you can hike or mountain in summer, in winter it is ideal for ski tours or snowshoeing. If you are lucky, you will even catch wild animals in the enchanting nature. You can experience all this right at the doorstep of your chalet!

What distinguishes alpine huts from Maiensässen?

Did you know that in former times the Maiensässe (also called Mayen) were located below the tree line, between valley and alp (from about 1000-1600m above sea level). The alpine huts were located at the higher altitudes of the Alps, mostly above the tree line. Mayen alpine huts are most common in the Grisons, Valais, western Tyrol and Vorarlberg.