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Liguria is located in the northwest of Italy and is the third smallest area of Italy. The region is often known as the "Italian Riviera". Rocky coasts and colorful cities make Liguria a unique vacation destination. An interplay between rocks and sea can be found nowhere as beautiful as in the northwest of Italy. The biggest attraction for tourists are the paradisiacal bays that present the open sea. Below we will present you a number of attractions that you can explore from your vacation home in Liguria.

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The most beautiful vacation regions


The Italian port city of Genoa is also the capital of Liguria. In the Middle Ages, this place was already one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean. Majestic palaces and impressive cathedrals still characterize the narrow streets of Genoa today. One of them is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Built in 1098, the basilica is located near the Portos Antico and is a real witness of the times. After visiting the church of San Lorenzo, it is worth visiting Piazza De Ferrari. By the way, the name of the main square of the city was not dedicated to a car brand, but to the Duke of Galliera Raffaele De Ferrari.

In the old town you can find the typical Ligurian chickpea pizza in various cozy restaurants. Hospitality is very important here and you will immediately feel at home. In Genoa, many things still remind of the Middle Ages, when the city was one of the richest metropolises. The medieval alley Via Garibaldi is also worth a visit. The magnificent buildings here date back in part to the Renaissance period. Where once the noble society lived, today banks and museums are at home.

The Acquario di Genova is the largest aquarium in Europe and is located on Genoa's Porto Antico. In the adjacent Biosfera you can also encounter the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. The botanical garden is located in a huge sphere made of glass, designed by the architect Renzo Piano - so it is also worth seeing from the outside.

Cinque Terre

The "Cinque Terre" (meaning five villages) include Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. In 1997, the Cinque Terre, together with the surrounding national park, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The five villages are connected by several trails. One of them is the so-called path of love. The Via dell' Amore has its origin almost 100 years ago. Lovers of two villages could meet secretly this way. The sea is always a faithful companion along the way, turning from a delicate sapphire green to a rich azure blue. Enjoy the splendor of colors to the fullest on a trip to Cinque Terre.


The island of Palmaria off the Italian municipality of Porto Venere is cut off from the mainland by a strait. Around the island you can take a unique hike. You can see up to 500 species of plants, which are native to Palmaria. The island also offers an optimal bathing fun. The salt water is pleasantly warmed by the sun. The sea is crystal clear and stones decorate the beach. Remember to bring your bathing shoes so that you don't hurt yourself. Palmaria is considered by Italians as a paradise oasis and welcomes rest seekers. Once the island has been explored, you can head to the nearby mainland for more adventures. Porte Venere is located near La Spezia and is adorned with colorful buildings.

Cristo Degli Abissi

Probably the most famous diving site in the Mediterranean is located in the enchanting bay of San Fruttuoso. At a depth of 12 meters you can find the famous Cristo Degli Abissi. The submerged statue was cast in bronze and dedicated to the diver Dario Gonzatti. He died during a dive. The statue of Jesus is today an important part of the history of diving and is visited by many underwater sportsmen.

Grotto di Toirano

The cave is located above the village of Toirano and is definitely worth a visit. On the walls of the stalactite cave, stories from an earlier time can still be seen. In fact, researchers have found traces here that are 20,000 years old. For visitors, the Grotte di Toirano was prepared and now you can visit it comfortably. The complete tour is about 1.3 kilometers long.

Santa Margherita

This gorgeous town of Santa Margherita is located about 35 kilometers from Genoa. The harbor promenade is teeming with Italian delicacies. The port is also called the Pearl of Tigullio. Stroll along the promenade and enjoy the wonderful view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and the colorful buildings.

The most beautiful destinations in Liguria

Family vacation

Our excursion tips:

  • The aquarium of Genoa is an experience for young and old. You can visit the big sea creatures directly on the open sea.
  • Explore the journey of Christopher Columbus with the whole family in the adventure park Le Caravelle in Ceriale.
  • On the Riviera Ponente enjoy a short hike, which is top suitable with and without children.

Vacations with the pet

Our excursion tips:

  • You want to spend a beach day with your pet? We recommend the beach Bau Bau Beach in Santa Margherita Ligure:. This beautiful beach is perfectly oriented for dogs.
  • Another dog beach is located in Genoa - Bagni Capo Marina. The beach is perfectly oriented for your four-legged companion. On site, in addition to deck chairs for you, it also has sun loungers for your pet.
  • The stone beach in Genova Vesima also welcomes dogs.

Active free - Sport

Our excursion tips.

  • In Liguria you will find a masterpiece of nature. You can discover beautiful underwater worlds on a snorkeling tour. One of the most beautiful hotspots is on the Riviera di Levante between Genoa and La Spezia in the east of Liguria.
  • For windsurfers or kitesurfers you will find exciting and varied offers in Liguria.
  • All year round Liguria is a dream world for horse lovers.

Culinary highlights

Who knows Liguria, knows that basil is very important. The Ligurian invention Pesto Genovese is delicious in combination with pasta. Be sure to try this out.

The best time for vacations in Liguria

All year round you can enjoy unforgettable vacations in Liguria. But the most beautiful time is spring and summer. In spring you can expect colorful colors and warm temperatures. In summer it gets up to a pleasant 25 - 28°C. At e-domizil you will find several domiciles with a private pool. Perfect for cooling off!