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At e-domizil you will find cozy vacation homes in your desired destination. Of course, there are also a variety of Ticino rusticos, which are very popular with our guests. These vacation homes are also ideal if you want to stay longer than a weekend in the south. So if you want to experience the typical Ticino lifestyle intensively, you should definitely choose such an accommodation. No matter if you want to spend your vacations in Bellinzona, the region around Lake Maggiore, or around Lake Lugano - the Italian flair and the warmth of the local people will not let you go.

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Rent a vacation apartment or a vacation home in Ticino

Enjoy the sunny region of Switzerland up close. At e-domizil you benefit from a large and varied selection of vacation domiciles.

The most beautiful vacation regions

Upper Ticino

With almost 17 kilometers, the Gotthard road tunnel is the fourth largest road tunnel in the world. The Gotthard Base Tunnel trumps this achievement even further. It is, in fact, the longest rail tunnel in the entire world. Both mountain passages connect the cantons of Uri and Upper Ticino. This north-south axis is a crucial route, especially for the transport of goods. Of course, the construction of the tunnel connections also brought the warm Ticino a lot closer for all German-speaking Swiss. From Zurich, one can reach the Blenio Valley or Bellinzona in two hours. So there is nothing to prevent a short stay in Ticino.


À propros Bellinzona - the capital of Ticino bears the special nickname "City of Castles". The three fortresses Castelgrande, Montebello and the Castello di Sasso Corbaro are not only part of the UNESCO World Heritage, but also transform Bellinzona into a lively sight from the Middle Ages. From the castles you can enjoy a wonderful view over the old town, where life pulsates. The cafes, restaurants and boutiques invite you to stroll through the alleys. Since Bellinzona is very centrally located in the canton, the city is also an ideal starting point for various day trips.

The region around Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is also called Langensee in German. The largest part of the lake is located in the Italian territory, while only about 20% of the lake is located in Switzerland. Moreover, Lake Maggiore can warm up to 28°C in summer and provides ideal bathing conditions.


The town on Lake Maggiore is a must-see for every tourist. Especially towards autumn, when it is already cold in most regions of Switzerland, you can still enjoy the last warm temperatures in Ticino. Locarno is famous for film and music festivals, which take place every summer. The Maggia river separates Locarno from Ascona as a natural border. The town is known for its lakeside promenade with colorful Mediterranean style buildings. What could be better than enjoying Italian food right by the lake with a glass of fine wine?

The Verzasca Valley

A good half hour's drive from Ascona-Locarno is a wild valley with beautiful waterfalls and stones carved by the water. The source of the Verzasca rises at Pizzo Barone at an altitude of 2,864 meters. A popular place in the Verzasca Valley is the "Ponte dei Salti". The Roman bridge made of stone winds in two arcs over the river and provides some with a pure adrenaline rush. This hotspot is perfect for a jump into the crystal clear but ice cold water. By the way, the valley became a real eye-catcher in the movie "Goldeneye". In it, James Bond jumps from the dam wall and today more and more people are doing the same at the bungee jump station at Lago di Vogorno.

The region around Lago di Lugano

With 63%, the largest part of Lago di Lugano is located in the Swiss territory. As the name suggests, the lake is named after the city of Lugano. With 288 meters of maximum depth, Lago di Lugano is one of the deepest lakes in Switzerland. In the summer months, the lake forms the paradise for water sports enthusiasts: swimming, sailing, windsurfing and wakeboarding are among the most popular activities. The best view of the hustle and bustle on the lake can be enjoyed from the mountains Monte Brè, Monte San Salvatore and Monte Generoso.


You might think you are in Italian Lombardy. The local architecture and the Italian cuisine in Lugano are very similar to those in northern Italy. Lugano is located on the glacial lake of the same name and is nestled between high mountains. Be sure to visit the central Piazza della Riforma, which is decorated with the most colorful flowers. Lugano is also called the city of parks and flowers, because along the lake promenade you will find countless subtropical plant species. In combination with the lake, a colorful and relaxed atmosphere is created here.


The Swissminiatur at Melidie on Lake Lugano represents parts of Switzerland on a scale of 1:25. The models are all faithfully reproduced in great detail. From patrician houses, churches, castles, monuments to moving trains, everything is there. So in Ticino you can discover the whole of Switzerland at once. The Swissminiatür invites you on a new voyage of discovery every year, as it continues to be expanded each year. Have you already been there this year?

The most beautiful excursion destinations in Ticino

Family vacations

Our excursion tips

  • The Swissminiatur is great fun for young and old.
  • The Splash e Spa Tamaro in Rivera provides optimal water fun for the whole family.
  • The rope park in Gordola is located at a dizzy height. Beginners to professionals will get their money's worth here.

Vacations with your pet

Our excursion tips

  • A wonderful hiking route with your four-legged friend is the olive path. It runs from Castagnola to Gandria at the Lago di Lugano.
  • At some bathing places at Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano dogs are also allowed and you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a refreshing cooling.
  • Discover with your dog the different, cultural cities in Ticino.

Active vacations - Sports

Our excursion tips

  • Are you ready to try the famous bungee jump at Lago di Vogorno?
  • Experience the beautiful Verzasca Valley during a hiking tour.
  • In Lago Maggiore and Lago di Lugano you will find paradisiacal bathing resorts.

Culinary specialties

Ticino's specialties are very different from the Swiss-German food culture and are much more similar to the Mediterranean dishes from the south. Ticino is very famous for its traditional and regional dishes. Ticino salami, golden mountain honey and finely ground polenta are among the classics. Of course, these specialties are accompanied by a delicious Merlot del Ticino, which is also produced regionally.

Mediterranean climate

Ticino is considered Switzerland's summer destination par excellence. With the many hours of sunshine and the Mediterranean way of life, you could be forgiven for thinking it was Italy. While on the northern side of the Alps the fog and cold often dominate everyday life in spring and autumn, many Swiss escape to the warmer south for a summery warm break. Incidentally, the Mediterranean climate also makes for special vegetation. The extensive forest area consists mostly of sweet chestnut trees, which are very rare in such masses. In addition, palm trees, cypresses and other Mediterranean plants can be found in the canton of Ticino.