Renters FAQ - Frequently asked questions

If you want to know more about the functionality of our websites or presentation possibilities for your property at e-domizil, you are exactly right here.

Services & Advantages

I already offer my object in the catalogue of a tourist office. What are the advantages of registering with e-domizil?

I already present my object on the internet pages of a tourist office or have my own homepage. Which additional advantages does the registration with e-domizil offer me?

Can I continue to use my holiday home myself in the future?

Do I have to present my property exclusively on e-domizil?

How much does the registration of my property with e-domizil cost?

Add my holiday home

Is the effort for writing a detailed free text description worthwhile?

Why is it especially attractive when I register my property on e-domizil?

Why is it worthwhile for me to take a little time and fill out the online form carefully?

What do I have to do to register my holiday property with e-domizil?

How can I present my object even better?

How long does it take until my object is present on all partner sites?

Internet & Technology

I have one more question...

Can I place a link to my own homepage in the information about my property?

Administration & Booking

When do I have to pay the tour operator fee?

What happens if a holidaymaker cancels a booking?

Who takes care of the tenants' enquiries?

How do I find out that a holidaymaker has booked my property?

How can I update the information about my property on the Internet?