Customer reviews

Evaluation Guide for e-domizil

e-domizil GmbH offers its customers the possibility to publicly evaluate the holiday home they have visited after their return journey. The authenticity of our ratings is very important to us, which is why we only give our customers the opportunity to rate their holiday home. Our landlords can also make a public statement on each customer rating. Property ratings are subjective feelings and personal opinions. When formulating a rating or a statement, we ask that the following points be taken into account:

  • It should be self-evident that no swear words, insults, obscene or racist comments are used.
  • Claims based on untrue facts must be omitted.
  • Use an objective and factual writing style.
  • Do not ask for refunds in your review. This is not an official complaint. Always report defects and damages directly on site to your responsible contact person. Your contact option at e-domizil is by mail .
  • The rights of third parties, including personal rights, property rights and data protection rights, may not be violated. This means in particular that the full names of third parties must not be mentioned.
  • The evaluation should not contain advertising or be written for other commercial purposes.
  • Photos and videos may only be posted if the user holds the copyrights and only the visited object or area is depicted.

We reserve the right to remove published content, in whole or in part, without notice to the user, should it violate our terms of use or be inappropriate for other reasons. The same applies in case of sufficient suspicion of such a violation. If you find a review that violates the standards we have stated, we would be pleased if you would report these reviews to us by clicking the appropriate button.